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J. Wolf

Album Relsease Journey

I knew this was that New York artist energy I’d moved to Brooklyn for
— Jonny Wolf

AM:What is your first VL impression?

My first night I moved to Brooklyn I ended up at the Artist Kickback event with Quarry and Distrokid. Off the bat, I knew this was that New York artist energy I’d moved to Brooklyn for. 


AM:Why do you think you connected to VL for music and event spaces?   

JW: The people at the event were pretty much all in the same boat as me. It was a group of other people of color all in similar situations with similar goals. As well as that, 


AM: What is your major source of inspiration? 

JW: I’m really inspired by the artists in my circle. My biggest inspiration is one of my best friends Airospace. He’s a rapper out of southeast DC and he’s just always ahead of the curve. As well as that, he’s the reason why I had the courage to make my album Dropout Season as personal as it was. 



Dropout Season

OUt Now


AM: How does your parent feel about you as a musician?

JW: They definitely didn’t like it early on. I’ve been pursuing this music stuff since middle school pretty much. As the years went on they got more and more used to it and now I think they even enjoy some of the stuff I make. 


AM: What is the biggest obstacle still?

JW: Money. I truly believe that if I had the right money behind me, I’d already been much further on in my career than I am now. 


AM: what is Biggest obstacle you have overcome? 

JW: My music doesn’t really perfectly fit any box. It’s too rock for a lot of hip-hop shows and way too hip-hop to ever be on a rock show. The flip side of that though is that the people who fuck with me REALLY fuck with me because they often feel the same. 


AM: In a few words, tell us the most amazing part of your journey?

jw: By far the most amazing part has been moving to NY. Since moving here my career has started moving much, much faster. I’ve had a couple high profile artists reach out to me, and I’m getting more bookings than ever. Moving here is what really made it possible for me to finish up my album too. 

AM: Why wolf?

jw: When I was in high school I was in a band that had the name “Wolf” in the title. Because I was the front man, people started calling me J.Wolf which eventually evolved into Jonny Wolf which I go by now. 

* INterview By Antorne Mcleod

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